Sunday, May 2, 2010

Support Spruce Street's Grant Proposal!

Good Morning Members and Supporters of Spruce Street,
I am writing with such exciting news - we have an idea up for voting for $25,000 of funding through Pepsi's Refresh Everything Project! As you all know, we plan on moving into our new building blocks from Ground Zero in September 2011, within mere days of the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. The poignancy of that parallel is not lost on me, and I want to mark our part in the rebirth of Lower Manhattan with a documentary film.

After many months of planning, we are ready for your help in making this idea become a reality. You can click on this link to vote for Spruce Street's idea:

A couple of other logistics - you are allowed to vote 10 times each day for up to 10 different causes, so please include Spruce Street in your votes everyday! More than one person can vote each day (from the same computer but from a different email address). The voting cycle begins today and lasts through May 31st. Once you are on the page for our idea, there are easy ways to spread the word to your friends, family, and associates - you can post to Facebook or Twitter accounts, and you can even forward my email along into the vast cyber-world.

As members of the Lower Manhattan community, we must all play a role in preparing to mark the anniversary of such a dark day, but, more importantly, our children's role in making our future a significantly brighter place.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing support, and don't forget to vote!


Nancy Harris
Founding Principal, the Spruce Street School